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So sad – Woman Allegedly Kills Roommate By Sitting On Her

A court has charged a 41-year-old Texas woman with manslaughter after she allegedly sat on her roommate until she suffocated to death.

Gloria Ann Jordan was arrested on Tuesday, Feb. 1, in connection with the death of her roommate, Gloria Farmer, in Wichita Falls on Nov. 21, cops said.

Police responded to a call of a medical emergency at Las Cruces Lane, which Jordan and Farmer shared with another woman.

Police began investigating Farmer’s death as criminal after a family friend approached them days later with concerns about her death, according to an affidavit obtained by KAUZ.

The third roommate later told detectives that Jordan could have been responsible for Farmer’s death and that she had been too afraid to say anything when it first happened.

The roommate told police that Jordan put her hand on Farmer’s forehead while praying, and pushed her backward in an office chair until Farmer and the chair fell over, according to the affidavit.

Jordan then straddled Farmer’s chest, according to court documents.

Farmer told Jordan to get off because she could not breathe.

An autopsy determined Farmer’s death was the result of mechanical asphyxiation and was ruled a homicide.

Jordan was questioned by police while she was admitted to the hospital on Nov. 24 where she had been admitted for an unrelated medical condition three days after the death.

She told police that she had pushed Farmer over and sat on top of her in a 0;prayer position1; with her hand on her forehead, but declined to comment further, according to New York Post.

She is also facing criminal charges for an incident that occurred on Nov. 25, in which she allegedly slammed a woman’s head into a wall several times while shouting 0; rebuke you in the name of the Lord,1; KAUZ reported.

Jordan was lodged in the Wichita County Jail, and her bond has been set at $150,000, according to KAUZ.

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Efe Irele – People Told Me To Quit Movie Industry, That I Couldn’t Act

Efe Irele – People Told Me To Quit Movie Industry, That I Couldn’t Act

Efe Irele, the Nigerian actress and filmmaker, has recounted some of the challenges she encountered in her early days as an actress.

She told Saturday Beats, “There have been many low points and I cannot say which one in particular is the lowest. There were instances when people told me that I could not act, that I should quit the movie industry.

“There was also a time someone told me that if I did not suck up to certain people, I would not grow. That saddened me. A lot of things happened but I count them as part of the journey. I don’t need anyone’s sympathy because I never thought it would be easy and secondly, I chose to be an actor. I had other options but I chose this.”

Shedding light on why she set up a production company, Irele said, “Quite a few reasons. I am a hands-on kind person and I love to oversee projects. I am also entrepreneurial, so the combination of both in this industry can only mean one thing— becoming a producer. It has been absolutely worthwhile so far.”

On the notion held by some that Nollywood is not lucrative, Irele said, “It depends on what angle you are looking at it from and also what you define as ‘lucrative’. Lucrative is relative. To some people, N500,000 is a lot of money, while some people would consider it to be peanuts.

“However, we can always agree on the fact that we are still scratching the surface. There is a lot to be done in the industry from production to distribution. Let us say the industry is potentially lucrative.

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Reactions trail romantic moment young man welcomes American lover to Nigeria (Video)

Young man leaves the head of social media users spinning after welcoming his aged American lover to Nigeria for the first time.



Both phrases; Love is blind and Age is just a number, are the clear definition of the love between the man who is in his twenties and his fifty-plus American lover.

“Welcome to Nigeria my Queen,” he wrote as he exchanged a kiss with his Caucasian lover on their way from the airport.

Watch video below …


See some reactions below …

she.vanesa wrote: Client wey everybody Dey manage e reach your turn u Marry am 😂 fear God😍

moore_figures wrote: Sweet love Dey inside dating granny? Somebody should talk to me, make I find my own way

midebrilliant_dc penned: Ha person mama no be so bros 😂

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Mercy Aigbe reacts to Kazim’s first wife’s latest accusation

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has reacted to the accusation that she had an extramarital affair with her now-husband, Kazim Adeoti while she was married to ex, Lanre Gentry.
Kazim Adeoti’s first wife, Oluwafunsho had accused Aigbe of sleeping with Kazim when her son was 5 months old and she was still married.

But reacting to the accusations, Mercy in a new post on Instagram, said she has constantly been lied against despite explaining her situation and telling her side of the story.
Her post read, “Some people say grant interviews, explain your side of the story, you say your truth to correct some false narratives out there, you owe it to people who genuinely love you.

“You grant, some other people say you don’t need to explain yourself, it’s your life, Do you.
“You are constantly lied on and some other people say let it slide, do not react, don’t say a word, for peace sake.”

Mercy Aigbe had earlier granted an interview explaining she was never friends with the first wife and she’s happy as a second wife.

Kazim, Mercy’s new husband had claimed in an interview that as a Muslim he had the right to more than one wife.

He claimed he was not snatched from his first wife and is still working to straighten out issues in his first marriage.

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“We are not here to spoil your name, don’t spoil ours” – Sacked security officers slam Chicken Republic over disclaimer (Video)

Sacked security officers, Happie boys, react following the disclaimer made by their former employer, Chicken Republic, after their story went viral.



This comes days after the fast-food restaurant disclaimed the viral story of firing her employees for dancing while on duty.

In a video shared by the sacked security officers on their page, the claim made by Chicken Republic was false, an attempt made to protect their brand.

“Good morning Nigerians, we are here to address a publication by @chickenrepublic that went viral few days ago,
Against what they published, we wantu make it know that

*We were fired!

*Nobody is in close communication with us

*We were not offered any retaining

*We only received our salaries days after the video went viral and the company received a lot of backslashing online.

We respect every business and cooperate body involved in this but please we dont want the wrong information circulating.
Thank you.

“Happiness It’s Free,” they wrote on their page while sharing a video.




Watch video below …


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Moment bike men saved a suicidal man who jumped over Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge (Video)



Some bikemen allegedly prevented a man from executing suiciiidde as he tried to jump off the Ikoyi Link Bridge in Lekki, Lagos state.



The young man, who is yet to be identified, was being detained by two men believed to be okada riders who observed him leaping over the bridge from distance, in a video that has gone viral online.

Despite their best efforts to save him, the man still desired to be freed to complete the heinous act, but he was restrained by the okada men.

Passersby noticing what is going on, rushed to assist the okada men to restrict the young man from executing the act.

Watch the video below;


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