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Black Chully Biography, Age, Sex tape, Movies, Net Worth, Pictures, Real Name, State Of Origin, Girlfriend,

Black Chully Biography, Age, Sex tape, Movies, Net Worth,

This article written and published by your favorite famous Tiktok star Biography writer, News Broadcast Blog, contains another content about Popular Black Chully.
Here we bring you Biography details of Tiktok Star, Black Chully, as you continue reading. Here you’ll find Latest TikTok Videos Of Black.
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Basic Facts Outline;


Full Name Black Chully
Popular As Black Chully Scorpion
Gender Female
Age 20+ Years Old
Date Of Birth 1990’s
Boyfriend None
Height/Weight 5 ft 7″/65kg±
Profession/Career Actress/Content Creator
Nationality Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity Black
Religion Not Available
Net Worth $20,000

Black Chully Biography And Wiki

Who Is Black Chully? Where Is Black Chully From?
Although Ella Black Chully has been an actress for a few years, she has never really gotten the recognition she craved, even with her exceptional acting skills.
Black Chully is an upcoming Nigerian Actress and famous TikTok Star who hails from Imo State, Nigeria. But she, as a public figure, makes her personal life very private and does not relate it to social networks.
She is one of the most popular TikTok stars in Nigeria whose videos and content have gone viral many times. Black Chully became the talk of the media a few years ago after a nude video of her solo masturbating went viral.
Black Chully is a hugely gifted and famous TikTok content creator and Nollywood actress who has been in the entertainment industry for over 5 years in pursuit of having a successful life in her desired career.

In the video, she showed her touching and caressing herself for pleasure in her privacy. However, this did not end well for her as the video of her was leaked on social media without her consent. This made her very depressed, but she was able to move on.

Black Chully is one of very few Nigerian TikTok stars who have come out boldly to reveal that she is a lesbian, revealing this in several of her viral TikTok videos with other lesbian friends.

What Is Black Chully Real Name?

Black Chully real name as she claims is Black Chully Scorpion, although this is not her real name, she is notably a Nigerian from Imo State and speaks Igbo tribe.
Nationality Nigerian
Youtube Not Available
TikTok @Black Chully 3
Instagram @Black Chully Scorpion
Twitter @Black Chully
Facebook @Black Chully

Black Chully Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend

Black Chully on TikTok is a lesbian as she portrays, she currently do not have a boyfriend.

Black Chully Weight

She is estimated to weigh about 65kg+.

Black Chully State Of Origin

She is originally from Imo State, Nigeria where she lived and grew up just before leaving home in pursuit of her career.

Black Chully Tattoos

Does Have Tattoos?
Yes, Black Chully is a lover of tattoos and bares lot of tattoos on several parts of her body

Black Chully Ethnicity

She is of African Ethnicity.

Black Chully Family, Parents

There’s no information about black Chully family or parents available on this platform for now, will be updated as soon as possible.

Black Chully Girlfriend

While it is alleged that black Chully is a lesbian and has a girlfriend, the identity of her girlfriend is yet to be revealed as she is constantly seen with different large booty girls as herself.

Black Chully Married

She is not married.

Black Chully Husband, Ex-Husband

Black Chully does not have a boyfriend or husband as of this time as she is not married..

Black Chully Height

How Tall Is Black Chully?
Black Chully height is estimated to be about 5 ft 7″ while standing straight without heel shoes.

Black Chully Net Worth

Black Chully Songs


Black Chully Hair Colour


Black Chully Interviews


Black Chully Surgery

Black Chully Net Worth In Dollars?
Black Chully net worth as of 2022 of estimated to be approximately about $20,000.

Black Chully Controversies/Rumors 

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She said: “It’s not from someone who works closely with me. What happened is that the person did it on Snap and posted it by accident, but quickly deleted it.


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Black Chully, who is widely known for her adorable beauty and huge butt, has played comedic roles in a couple of movies and is also very popular on TikTok. Black Chully is an up-and-coming Nigerian actress and comedian who is rapidly gaining popularity..

“However, someone got it before I could delete it. It’s a very short video, but it’s me. It’s going to be out there and I can imagine the memes. I just found out yesterday. I could not sleep last night.”

Black Chully Porn video

She has been trending on Tiktok especially anytime there’s a new sound which is trending on The app. This beautiful girl has got her private video of herself looking entizing and doing herself fine in a lesbobo style

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